Attack at a house in Deal has seen his attacker and former friend jailed for eight years

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The victim of an unprovoked assault at a house in Deal has seen his attacker and former friend jailed for eight years.

On Wednesday 30 October 2019 Lee Norris, 34, of Stockdale Gardens, was celebrating his birthday. He spent the day socialising and was invited back to a friend’s house in Freeman’s Way.

At around 5.30pm, and in an unprovoked attack, Norris struck his friend across the back of the head, which knocked him unconscious. Norris then bit the man’s lip, causing him a severe injury, before continuing to assault him.

A woman inside the property tried to intervene but was also punched and kicked by Norris who then turned his attention back to the man. He continued to assault him before dragging him to the bathroom and stabbing him twice in the back.

Local residents heard the disturbance and called Kent Police. Officers attended the house where they found both victims with injuries and Norris still inside acting aggressively.

When Norris was arrested he continued to be violent and kicked a police officer in the face.

Norris admitted the charges of grievous bodily harm, common assault, assault of an emergency worker and criminal damage. He was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

Investigating officer PC Kerry Akast said: ‘This was a senseless attack on two people he knew and has highlighted what a violent man he is.

‘We will continue to investigate all reports of violence to ensure people like Norris are put before the courts. Kent Police will not tolerate mindless acts of aggression or the use of knives.

‘Whilst officers are trained to attend volatile situations they should not suffer injuries when they are just trying to do their jobs.

‘Thankfully the severity of Norris’ actions have been reflected in his custodial sentence.’