Vile Gosport Teen abuses animals and bird in videos for fun

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A Gosport teenage girl, who we cannot name for legal reasons has been torturing and abusing animals and birds in a series of videos posted on the social network site Instagram filmed in her bedroom.

In one of the videos the girl can be seen swinging a live rabbit by its ears, and in another video she stuffs a live cockatiel bird into a glove and launches it at a wall.

The latest video shows her swinging a cockatiel around by its feet. It is known that she has multiple animals in the house.

Often seen obsessed with a fetish of wearing creepy costumes in some of the abuse videos.

We are asking the RSPCA and the Police to act now and stop any further abuse and to bring this girl to justice.

The girl who lives with her grandparents in Bridgemary, Gosport (seen in in the image with a copy of The News- Portsmouth newspaper) in the background she creates videos begging for attention and likes.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the RSPCA
Please note: The video is too distressing to publish.