Paramedic who followed all the rules tests positive for COVID19

paramedic who followed all the rules tests positive for covid19

So chums. I’ve got Covid19. I’ve tried SO hard to avoid it. I’ve worn all the PPE, I’ve washed my hands, I’ve disinfected everything. My colleagues and I have been so careful. But I’ve been immersed in unwell people, so it was always on the cards.

Thankfully, I have barely any symptoms (so far); a mild headache and a mild temperature which hasn’t gone above 37.8. So far, I’m one of the lucky ones.
So here’s the thing….


Paramedic who followed all the rules tests positive for COVID19
Stay Home Stay Safe

You could be strolling about, breaking rules might I add, dishing out corona virus to every Tom, Dick and Harry unknowingly.

All it takes is for one of those people to not be quite as fit and healthy as 26 year old me…then you know the deal, death is on the cards to be blunt.

I don’t want to scare anyone (much) at all because frankly I think we are scared enough.

But to everyone that think they are above this disease that went out galavanting and flouting their ignorance in the sunshine over the weekend, don’t you dare have the audacity to clap for our key workers on Thursday.

If I’ve got to stay in my 1 bedroom flat, on my own, with no garden and my fish Bruce for another 14 days (on top of the 4 days I’ve done already), THEN SO CAN YOU.

Our NHS is running at massively reduced capacity and it’s doing bloody well so far considering.

For the moment. But this virus is absolutely devastating parts of our population and community, and it’s up to everyone else to try and stop it in its tracks.

The things my colleagues are having to see and deal with will probably stay with them for life.

It’s haunting. It’s truly tragic.

I feel somewhat shit that I can’t be there, helping, doing my bit.

But I will stay in doors as I’m told for the greater good of humanity.
That is all. Peace out