Two police dogs have had a lucky escape after the marked police vehicle they were in was targeted with bricks my mindless thugs in Lancashire. 

Police had been called to an address in Whitworth after reports that there was a house party taking place inside. 

Officers arrived on the scene and went to speak with the occupants of the property. 

One of the units in attendance was a dog unit. The handler had accompanied his colleagues into the house, leaving the dogs in the air-conditioned car as they were not needed at the call. 

The dog handler returned to his vehicle to find that some idiot had thrown a brick through the back window, narrowly missing the two police dogs who were inside. 

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police Dog Unit tweeted to say:

“Tonight whilst dealing with a report of a house party in Whitworth, one of our vehicles carrying two police dogs inside was bricked, showering the dogs with glass!

“Thankfully both dogs are uninjured however it took a response vehicle off the road”.

News of the incident caused widespread anger across social media. One Twitter user said:


“Bloody Animals… Unbelievable. 

“You are trying to do your job and their (sic) supposed to be in isolation, but they think it’s acceptable to carry on this way… 

“Those poor dogs must have got a freight.. keep up the good work”.

Another added: “Here’s to hoping they are on the end of a track soon and are not compliant…”