Face mask scam warning

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Trading Standards have received reports about unsolicited phone calls offering to sell face masks for £29.00. These are scams. These criminals are preying on all of our vulnerabilities at the minute and trying to scare us into parting with cash or bank details.

If you receive a phone call like this hang up straight away, do not engage with the caller and never give bank or card details over the phone to strangers.

A couple of other scams doing the rounds 

Trading Standards have received a couple of scam warnings from astute residents.

• The first is allegedly from Apple – it looks very genuine and lists items that you have reportedly ordered. The instructions advise you to click on a link in the email to contact “support” or log into your Apple account using a link provided. This will be a phishing exercise to gain your information or even payment from you. The email address that it comes from, when checked is not a valid Apple address. This is a SCAM – Do Not click on any links, delete it straight away.

• The second purports to come from TV Licensing and is telling you that your TV licence could not be automatically renewed so you will need to set up a new direct debit via a link provided. This is a SCAM – Do Not click on any links, delete it straight away

Stay Safe