Driver loses control after BMW aquaplanes on the M3 in Hampshire

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A driver lost control of a black BMW after it aquaplaned  just after the entry slip road on to the M3 Winnall Junction 9.

Emergency services rushed to the scene including fire crews from Winchester and Basingstoke at around 1pm but were shortly stood down.

The driver was lucky to escape uninjured but police say the vehicle had very little tyre tread.

Highways are currently at the accident and awaiting recovery.

Hampshire roads police said;
“Check your tyres! Legal limit for cars is 1.6mm. Nobody hurt this time. Vehicle lost control due to lack of grip and aquaplaned.”

Officers 7 hours before warned motorists to drive to the conditions;

“POLITE NOTICE!!! Its raining! Six incidents in 20 minutes of vehicles crashing after spinning out of control suggests people have not adjusted their driving to suit conditions! Others speeding up to our lane closures without slowing or moving over. SLOW DOWN!”