“It has never been more important for Londoners to stay at home”

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“It has never been more important for Londoners to stay at home”

That is the message to the capital from blue light and transport services across London – keep it up, stay at home and help save lives.

In a new video which includes contributions from the Met to the London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, Transport for London and doctors and nurses – key workers across the capital thank Londoners for their help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Over the last six weeks key workers have been busy keeping essential services running during the Coronavirus outbreak. Local refuse collections, grocery retailers, blue light services and the transport sector have all played their vital part in keeping the city moving.

But the battle is not over and we need people across the capital to keep up their heroic efforts of staying at home. By staying at home, Londoners are saving lives.

As we enter another weekend of social distancing, the new video aims to remind people why is it so important to stay indoors.

We’re therefore asking the capital to share this message from key workers helping to keep London safe, moving and resilient.

We know it can be frustrating, but you are all making such a difference and it really matters.

“Like millions of other families across the nation, each Thursday at 8pm we join our neighbours in clapping for those amazing people who are saving lives or helping to keep the country moving. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”