McDonald’s is giving us a look at the potential new normal for fast-food restaurants


What will restaurants be like once dine-in eating resumes? McDonald’s is giving us a look at the potential new normal for fast-food restaurants.

The company has released a list of safety measures that will be implemented at locations operated both by the company and franchisees for when they begins to reopen dining areas across the UK

The changes include roping off some tables to ensure social distancing measures are being followed, keeping children’s play areas closed, and closing self-serve drinks machines to minimize contact. Toilets will also be cleaned every half hour.

Some locations will require a maximum capacity of 25 to 50 percent.


“As we come together again, we are prioritizing staying safely apart. We are building on the processes already in place such as wellness checks, social distancing floor stickers, protective barriers at order points, masks and gloves for employees with the addition of new procedures, and training for the reopening of dining rooms,” said  Mcdonalds spokeman. “All restaurants must implement these standards, before reopening 


Employees will  wear masks and gloves while at work and will spend more time disinfecting tabletops, seats, and other surfaces in between uses. Hand sanitation stations will also be installed and workers are required to wash their hands hourly.

McDonald’s officials said  dates for the dining rooms to reopen have yet to be set — those decisions will be made on a local basis to ensure that restaurant crews and customers feel safe, the company says.