Selsey Coastguard teams assist EOD with ordnance find at Medmerry Beach

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Selsey Coastguard teams were called into action on Saturday morning following the discovery of live ordnance that was found by a member of the public.


A cordon was put in place and the beach was closed to members of public.

During  a  search of the beach area  further pieces were located. These were photographed  to the Royal Navy E.O.D (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team).

Following the arrival of the specialist  team from Portsmouth  an assessment was made to make safe the items on the beach.

A controlled explosion was safely carried out just after 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Following the discover the UK Coastguard issues the following advice:


If you come across any ordnance on the beach or something you are unsure of please do not touch it and call  999 straight away and ask for the Coastguard!
Ordnance comes in all shapes and sizes and ordnance found on this beach has been found to be Highly Explosive like some of the items today, so please do not touch it and call the Coastguard.
“The coast and the sea can catch you out whether you’re local or not. Our message remains: call 999 Coastguard if you’re in trouble. Please help us and our families stay safe. Be aware of the risks, keep your distance.”