Vodafone Customers suffering ongoing Network Coverage issues in Maidstone told they can get one month credit

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Customers on the Vodafone  networks have been  suffering  from a major coverage issues despite Vodafone themselves saying that work that they have carried has been pointless to both themselves and their long suffering customers in the Maidstone area.

Mobile broadband has been badly effect and many have had not throughput since the 7th June 2020 and is  to remain for sometime.

Long suffering customers who have contacted the multimillion company say they don’t have a fix time. 

Indra Joy  Vodafone manager  said  a number of cell sites in the Maidstone  have not been function for along time  as it should have been and many customer  have been experiencing issues and suffering call loss and Broadband issues.

It is down to network coverage. We have to do more work in the area to fix this.

The work we have  hasn’t done any good for the many  customer  who have complained  nor to Vodafone.

If they wish to seek compensation they need to contact customers services  on 191 who have agreed to issue a full months credit for each affected device.


Vodafone have been approach for a full statement.