Missing Essex man Edward Jerram now believed to be in South Wales

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Officers looking for 21 year-old Edward Jerram, who is missing from Moreton, now believe he is in South #Wales.

Edward was reported missing on 6 June and an extensive investigation to find him has been carried out.

Yesterday (Tuesday 30 June) we received information which has now lead us to believe he is the #NeathPortTalbot area.

We have liaised with our colleagues at South Wales Police and they have now taken the lead for search to find him.

Edward’s family have been kept up-to-date with this development.
Superintendent Craig Saunders said: “I want to thank the public for all their help and support during the investigation to find Edward.

“This support has been really helpful to our investigation and is greatly appreciated.

“We have information which indicates he is in South Wales and South Wales Police are now taking the lead in the search to find him.

“I want to thank the member of public who came forward with this information as it could be crucial to finding Edward and reuniting him with his family.”