Battle on the beaches with Brighton Council

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Battle on the beaches  It was the dark side of the Swinging Sixties when two rival cultures clashed and Britain’s seaside resorts became battlegrounds. On one side were the Mods in their sharp suits, button-down shirts and Parkas. They listened to soul music, rode Vespa or Lambretta scooters and kept their hair trimmed. On the other were the Rockers in black leather and denim. They bought the records of Elvis and Gene Vincent, let their locks to grow wild and travelled on motorbikes.

Angry mods descend on a seafront road in protest at a controversial traffic ban.

They gathered  on their scooters in what they have dubbed “Battle of the beach road.”

The road in Brighton has been at the heart of a fierce debate since the city council shut it to motor vehicles in April, saying it wanted to make more space for people to exercise safely amid the coronavirus lockdown.

While many are keen to see the scheme extended, its opponents are livid.