Staff Mental Health secrets leaked in data breach bungle at South East Coast Ambulance service

Private medical details of South East Coast ambulance  staff were leaked to colleagues in an embarrassing data breach.

Intimate details of employees off work with illness and mental that are stored on a server  was made accessible to all staff instead of just senior managers.

It included details of workers who had suffered accidents, had mental health ­problems or were undergoing surgery.

A probe was launched by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and South East Coast Ambulance, which is responsible for protecting the ­public’s privacy and personal data.


The blunder was revealed to staff in a memo made by the employee relations team in the human resources department.

When they realised the mistake they quickly fixed it and then  an email was sent advising staff that the password has been put back on.

A source within the service says they are confident than no-one else looked at the records 

They went on to  say : It is a matter of concern that an organisation that deals with the personal medical information data of thousands of members of the public cannot protect the privacy of their own staff

This is an extremely serious data breach. Staff are outraged their personal information has been inappropriately shared in this way.

SECam have been approached for comment.