A drug dealer stopped at a Medway Mcdonalds drive-through restaurant has been jailed for three years

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A drug dealer stopped at a Medway Mcdonalds drive-through restaurant has been jailed for three years.


Lewis Nelson-Iye was found in possession of cocaine worth up to £1,100 after a Mercedes was stopped at the Gillingham food outlet in April 2019. 


The 34-year-old, of Avery Way, Rochester, admitted possessing cocaine with intent to supply and was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Tuesday 30 June 2020.


Nelson-Iye was arrested on the afternoon of 16 April after plain clothed Kent Police officers, travelling in an unmarked vehicle, noticed a black Mercedes being driven in the Medway Tunnel.


The car had previously been linked to drug dealing in the area and the patrol followed it before it pulled into a restaurant in Beechings Way. 


The vehicle immediately went into the drive-through and officers waited at the other end for it to come out before stopping it.


The offender, who was a front seat passenger, immediately admitted being in possession of a class A drug and told officers they would find it within the car’s centre console.


The substance was seized and tests later confirmed it to be cocaine.


A quantity of cash was also found in Nelson-Iye’s pocket and seized. Smaller amounts of cocaine, and paraphernalia associated with supplying class A drugs, were found at his home.


There was no evidence to suggest the driver of the car was also involved in supplying the substance.


Police Constable Jill Stoneham, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: ‘This case is a testament to the knowledge our officers on the ground have on the supply of drugs in the area they serve.


‘Upon noticing the vehicle, which at first glance was relatively inconspicuous, they acted quickly to safely stop it and seize a prohibited substance that would have been sold on our streets.


‘Nelson-Iye had no option but to admit his offending and is now facing a considerable sentence.


‘Everyone has a role to play in stopping drugs being sold on our streets and I would encourage anyone with concerns to report their suspicions to us via our website or by calling 101. If you ever suspect you see a crime in progress, dial 999.’