Police officer escapes with warning after cheating at Police exam

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A police constable has been given a written warning after an allegation of misconduct was proven.

PC Mohamed Ali, based at Central West Command Unit (AW), appeared at a misconduct hearing on Tuesday, 21 July to answer allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of honesty and integrity, orders and instructions and discreditable conduct.

It was alleged that on 6 December 2018, whilst as a student officer undertaking the Certificate of Policing course, PC Ali made notes on a desk prior to a closed book examination.

He is alleged to have referred to his iPad, along with the notes during the examination, which was a deliberate attempt by him to gain an unfair advantage.

The misconduct panel found PC Ali to have breached the standards in respect of Orders and Instructions, and Discreditable Conduct.

The allegation under Honesty and Integrity was not proven.