Air ambulance called after reports of person falling from cliffs in Ramsgate

The Kent Surrey and Sussex  air ambulance  has been called to Ramsgate following reports of a person falling from the cliffs near to the Westcliff Promenade in the town we can reveal.


The  air ambulance  was called at around 4.30pm on Friday afternoon. It  has landed at the Government Acre site. A number of HART vehicles and a two road ambulances also at scene.
Officers from Kent Police are support Paramedics and a cordon  has been put in place.
A number of Police vehicle are also at the scene of what is being classed as a serious incident. 
One bystander said that life saving cycles of CPR was being carried out near a set of step near to the cliffs.

An eyewitness reported seeing paramedics administering CPR on steps nearby.

A spokesman said they were called there by the ambulance service at about 4.35pm, “to assist with a medical incident on Royal Esplanade”.

“Officers are providing assistance where required and an air ambulance is also believed to be at the scene,” they added.