Royal Logistic Bomb Disposal unit called a stretch of the River Itchen

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The Royal Logistic Bomb Disposal unit were called a stretch of the River Itchen this evening after a suspected WW2 Explosive Device was pulled up by a magnet fisher from the River Itchen.

The bomb disposal vehicle was sent to Woodmill Lane, Southampton at around 6pm after officers from Hampshire police called on their assistance.

An Officer confirmed that EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) that they believed the “Mills type Grenade” to be live although described it to have the pin and mechanism missing. A controlled explosion took place in a safe location at Riverside Park.

A witness told us; – “I heard one of the guys there saying a suspected grenade was pulled from the river”

It is not the first time emergency services have been called to magnet fishers on the stretch of river. On the 18th March 2019, the body of a man who fled police in January was been found in the river still wearing handcuffs.

22-year-old, Reece Hillier, ran off after being detained by officers in Southampton and a magnet fisher discovered the body in the River Itchen at Woodmill Lane.