Met Police to tackle anti social car meets

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This weekend, the Met will continue to work across London to stop anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving related to ‘car meets’.

The Metropolitan Police’s Roads Transport Policing Command (RTPC) will be putting out a taskforce to tackle the increasing problem of anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving which occurs at car meets.

Car meets are spontaneous events where groups of people come together with modified vehicles – it can involve a range of activities but the most dangerous of which are races and stunt driving, where groups gather along the road to watch.

Officers will use a range of tactics to combat this including the use of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, tyre deflation systems, and dispersal zone orders under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

Specially trained officers will be examining vehicles for road worthiness and compliance with construction and use regulations. This will include illegal window tints and non-conforming number plates. Removal trucks will also be on scene for the immediate confiscation of vehicles where appropriate and proportionate.

This will all be supported with a behind-the-scenes investigation team. They will be analysing CCTV, social media and officers’ body worn video for prosecutions where the evidence deems it appropriate and proportionate.

Inspector Bruce Middlemiss of the RTPC said: “We understand that these events cause complaints and concern for local residents. Officers will be out throughout the weekend clamping down on those who choose to flout the rules and cause a nuisance to our communities.

“Car meets are incredibly dangerous, for other road users as well as to those in the vehicles and in attendance.

“I would encourage anyone who is aware of a planned car meet to report it to us at the earliest moment. At events like these we have witnessed a lot of anti-social behaviour as well as drug taking and criminal damage.

“Behaviour like this will not be tolerated on the streets of London and where necessary, officers will seize vehicles.

“For those planning to attend, do not risk your vehicle or your driving licence, we will not hesitate to take action where necessary.”