Police officer stabbed in the face in Edgware

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An officer has been injured while arresting a man in Edgware.

Police were called at 10.25am on Sunday, 16 August, to a report of a suspect in the garden of a residential address in Manor Park Crescent, Edgware.

Officers attended and found a male suspect in the garden, where he stabbed a female PC in the face using a pen. The officer has been taken to hospital for treatment. Her condition is not life-threatening; we await a full assessment.

The 39-year-old man was detained and arrested on suspicion of breach of bail in addition to offences against the officer including threats to kill and GBH.

A Taser was discharged by officers in order to detain the man. He has been taken to hospital for treatment.

Roy Smith, BCU Commander for North West London, said: “Sadly this is yet another reminder of the risks faced by our police officers as they respond to calls for help from the communities of London.

“The men and women of the Met go to work each day not knowing the dangers they may face. They run towards danger to protect others and their everyday heroism is something all Londoners should be proud of.

“This officer was subjected to a vicious and unprovoked attack. These are our police officers and they have family and loved ones to return home to. They deserve not only our admiration but also support.”