Police watchdog say Inspector stop cops are cleared of any wrong doing

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On Sunday, 24 May the Metropolitan Police Service received an internal complaint regarding a vehicle stop.

This followed an incident on Saturday, 23 May 2020, when a man, a serving Metropolitan Police officer, was stopped by police while driving his vehicle in Croydon. The driver, who is a black man, alleged that the stop was the result of racial profiling.

As is usual practice, local enquiries were undertaken by the Professional Standards Unit.

Enquiries established that the vehicle was followed by officers prior to the stop due to suspicion of excessive speed at a traffic signal and onward.

As part of these enquiries, body worn video [BWV] of the stop was viewed.

The BWV of the stop showed that the officers communicated their reasons/cause for the stop to the complainant as they are required to do.

The review, overseen by the Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards, found no evidence of misconduct or racism.

Commander Alison Heydari said: “The review found no evidence at all of racial profiling. There have been comments reported today that these officers, who carried out the stop, are ‘clearly racist’ and even ‘two active racists’. I cannot say strongly enough how wholly unfair that is based upon the evidence and the review carried out.

“These officers were simply doing their job and carried out the stop in a polite and professional manner. All officers involved in this incident, including the officer who raised the concerns, are being supported.”

No action was taken against the man stopped.

While we do not underestimate the impact that stops of any kind have on the community, securing and maintaining the trust of the public is integral to the principle of policing by consent and to continue to do so, we recognise that our staff must act with professionalism and integrity.

Any allegation, whether external or internal, made concerning the conduct of our staff is taken extremely seriously. We will fully examine each incident to determine whether the conduct of staff has breached the standards of professional behaviour.

Where the conduct of staff is proven to have fallen below the standards of behaviour expected, we will take robust action to ensure that staff are appropriately disciplined and that lessons are learnt from each case.