A Luton man has been jailed for eight years for attacking a man with a rounders bat

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A Luton man has been jailed for eight years for attacking a man with a rounders bat.
Nick Cannon, 31, of Bowbrookvale, Luton was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday (14 August) after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm (GBH), aggravated burglary and possession of a weapon.

At 6.30am on 16 February, Cannon visited a property in Windmill Road, Luton, with another man and was knocking persistently on a communal door. Due to the noise, someone answered and Cannon pushed past and forced entry, whilst wielding a bat.

Cannon and the other man went to the victim’s property and once the door was open, he forced his way in and began to attack him with a bat. The victim received multiple blows to the head and body before the two men ran off with their bats.

The victim was taken to hospital and received treatment for cuts and broken nose.

A few hours later, at 10.30am, when Cannon was arrested, he was wearing the clothes that matched those he was wearing on CCTV footage captured after the incident, and they were bloodstained.

At a property linked to Cannon, the rounders bat was discovered, which was also covered in blood.

Detective Constable Kimberley Anderson, who investigated the case, said: “Bedfordshire Police does not tolerate this type of behaviour and I am glad Cannon will spend a lengthy time behind bars, where hopefully he can reflect on his actions.

“I want to send a strong message that carrying a weapon, and intending to cause harm to someone, will have consequences. This was a shocking incident that left the victim visibly shaken and injured.”