Knifeman who killed Arsenal fan at Hillingdon Tube station faces life in prison

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Tashan Daniel’s life was brutally cut short by Alex Lanning and Jonathan Camille in a senseless fatal stabbing in front of horrified commuters. CCTV captured them laughing as they fled the scene before discarding their blood-stained clothing in a nearby housing estate.
“They had no regard for his life, the pain they caused his family or the trauma of those who witnessed the fatal incident. Today, they have received lengthy sentences for robbing a young man of his life and bright future.
Alex Lanning was given a sent for  Murder 25 years (he must serve 24 years 47 days imprisonment) Having an article with a blade or point, contrary to section 139(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 1988: 16 months
Jonathan Camille for  Manslaughter – 6.5 years imprisonment.