Sneak-in burglar leaves victims terrified after raiding their home and abandoning a knife

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Sneak-in burglar leaves victims terrified after raiding their home and abandoning a knife in their hall way
A sneak-in burglar left his victims terrified after breaking into their homes as they slept – and leaving a knife on the floor.
Gary Beaton has been jailed for more than seven years after targeting two homes and a supermarket in Walker.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how the 30-year-old carried out the crime spree on the evening of September 30 last year.
He first targeted a residential property on Dovecourt Road, forcing open the front door as the female occupant slept upstairs.
Beaton swiped the woman’s handbag and her mobile phone before creeping out the house without waking her.
The thief then walked to the Aldi supermarket on Walker Road and was caught on CCTV trying to use his foot and a kitchen knife to smash his way into the shop.
Despite using a trolley to try and ram the doors he was unable to gain entry and fled the area empty-handed.
But his night of crime wasn’t over yet and Beaton quickly targeted a home of Lancefield Avenue, just yards from the supermarket.
He snuck into the address as the occupants slept upstairs and stole a handbag before fleeing the address through the front door.
The victim was woken by Beaton leaving the address and went downstairs to find he had left a kitchen knife on his hallway floor.
Detectives at Northumbria Police launched an investigation and CCTV enquiries quickly identified Beaton as the person responsible.
He denied the offences in interview but later admitted aggravated burglary, burglary and attempted burglary of a business dwelling.
Beaton, of no fixed abode, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on Thursday (August 27) where he was jailed for seven years and six months.
Detective Sergeant Dave Lumsden, of Northumbria Police’s Central Burglary Team, has today (Saturday) condemned the actions of the thief.
He said: “Gary Beaton is a prolific thief who carried out these raids with no consideration to his victims.
“He has used force to gain entry to properties before raiding the addresses while the occupants slept just feet away from him.
“Burglary is a horrendous crime and it can have a huge impact on victims to know that a stranger has been in their home.
“It is even more terrifying knowing that an intruder has been in possession of a knife as he stood a matter of feet from your bedroom.
“I hope that the significant custodial sentence handed down by the judge sends a strong message about this kind of offending.
“It will not be tolerated in this community and I hope the fact that Gary Beaton is behind bars offers some reassurance to his victims.”
As well as his custodial sentence Beaton was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £181.
He was snared by Northumbria Police’s Central Burglary Team, a team of burglar hunters tasked with investigating break-ins across Newcastle and Gateshead.
They review prolific offenders and monitor hotspots so they can identify those responsible for burglaries and try and prevent them taking place in the first place.