Woman’s shock as she finds snake on her driveway

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A woman had a shock of her live when she found a snake on her drive way at her home in Spencerswood Reading on Saturday. The woman called the RSPCA .


The woman, who has not been named and lives in Reading, Berkshire, discovered the corn snake on Saturday before seeking help from a neighbour, who alerted RSCPA. ​

The animal was confined in a box before the arrival of an  RSPCA officer, came to rescue it.​

The poor lady must have had quite a shock when she opened the her door to find the snake said a spokesman for the RSCAP

“Luckily, corn snakes are harmless and, with a little help from a neighbour, they were able to pop him into a box and wait for help.”​

The RSPCA suspects the reptile is an escaped pet because it is in good condition, and they are trying to reunite it with its owners. ​

Although they pose no threat to humans, the animals can grow up to five feet and 11 inches long, and are often mistaken for the venomous copperhead snake.​

The RSPCA said the corn snake is a talented escape artist so owners should make sure their cages are secure.​

Anyone with information that could help reunite the snake with its owners should contact the RSPCA.