Patch was engulfed in flames, a neighbour managed to open the kennel door to allow Patch to escape in fear and pain.

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A search and rescue operation began to find him and two days later, he was found in a ditch where he is likely to have been laid for two days, suffering through immense pain from the burns in addition to the searing UK heat.
Patch was taken to Oakhill Vets in Goosnargh but is severely ill and is currently under the care of Vets Now.
He is in a critical condition and his recovery is going to be a long process.
He has severe burns down his left-hand side and some of the skin is necrotic. A necrotic infection causes patches of tissue to die.
These infections are the result of bacteria invading the skin or the tissues under the skin and if left untreated they can cause death in a matter of hours.
He has also suffered damage to his eye, which is currently under assessment to understand if he has lost his sight and has two large cuts that are deeply embedded with maggots.
In addition to this, he has also inhaled a significant amount of smoke and debris and has onset pneumonia.
Patch is currently on an IV of antibiotics and methadone for the pain.
He is going to need a significant amount of treatment including many skin grafts.
Patch and his family did not deserve this. He has been with them living a happy and healthy life since he was a puppy. His kennel was destroyed in the fire, with him inside it, until he managed to escape in fear and pain.