The haul would be worth in excess of £120 million at street level

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A massive haul of potentially deadly Class A drugs has been stopped from hitting UK streets after an international operation led by the NCA.

More than a tonne of drugs – 1,196kg of heroin and morphine derivatives – were recovered from container ship the ‘Sembawang’ after it docked at the port of Felixstowe.


The seizure is one of the largest ever of heroin in the UK. These drugs would have been sold in the UK, transported by children exploited by County Lines networks.

4 men who were under surveillance have been arrested.

This is a huge seizure which has denied organised criminals tens of millions of pounds in profits, and is the result of a targeted, intelligence-led investigation, carried out by the NCA with international and UK partners.

There is violent competition between rival organised crime groups at all stages of Class A drug production and supply.

By targeting those at the top of the chain and dismantling the County Lines business model, we reduce drug supply to the UK, making it an unviable business.