The offenders were all men and around twenty years’ old who kicked and punched the victim

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Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses to a robbery in Faringdon.

The incident happened between 9.10pm and 9.30pm on Friday (18/9) in The Hobble, which is the alleyway from Park Road to Tesco.

The victim, a man aged 39, was assaulted by a group of men. During the attack he was kicked and punched.

They took the man’s wallet.

He suffered minor injuries including a minor scratches, bruising and a small laceration to his right eyelid. He didn’t require hospital treatment.

The offenders were all men and around twenty years’ old.

One which kicked the victim was described as white, tall and slim with very short but not shaved hair.

Designated investigator Maggie Tse based at Abingdon police station, said: “We would like anyone with information to come forward with regards to this incident.

“This was very frightening for the victim and it was fortunate he wasn’t more badly hurt.

“If you think you saw this group or have information about what happened, please contact police.

“You can do this by calling the non-emergency number 101 or by making a report online using the reference number 43200294199.