Reece Lucas robbed the man who was walking along Sandgate Road in Folkestone

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A robber who stole an elderly man’s wallet then kicked him in the face as he lay on the ground has been jailed.


Reece Lucas robbed the man who was walking along Sandgate Road in Folkestone, during the evening of Monday 13 May 2019, and then within around 30 minutes went on to try to rob two other people and attempt to burgle a property.


The first victim, aged in his 70s, had stopped to catch his breath as he carried his shopping, when 24-year-old Lucas approached him and demanded £10. The victim refused and tried to walk away to seek help from a passing vehicle, but Lucas grabbed him from behind, dragging him to the ground.


As the victim shouted for help, he offered his wallet and its contents to Lucas, who took it and then kicked the man in the face before fleeing the scene.


His victim suffered injuries to his face as a result of the attack.


Five minutes later, Lucas was seen by two people in Pleydell Gardens, as he rummaged through the stolen wallet.


He then followed a couple in their 60s and demanded money. However he was unsuccessful as the couple stood their ground and he left empty-handed.


Lucas then made his way to Bouverie Road West and was seen crouching between properties by a resident who threatened to call the police, causing him to leave.


After he had gone, it was found he had caused damage to fences, trying to gain access to the resident’s home.


An investigation by Kent Police identified Lucas as being the person responsible for the robbery, the two attempted robberies and the attempted burglary, and he admitted all four offences at Canterbury Crown Court on Thursday 9 July 2020.


Lucas, of Oxenden Road, Folkestone, was sentenced to four years on Monday 21 September.


Investigating officer DC Sam Minichiello, of Kent Police, said: ‘The actions of Reece Lucas that evening were repugnant. He targeted an elderly man he didn’t know, demanded cash and then attacked him when things didn’t go his way.


‘As the man lay on the ground, offering his wallet in desperation, Lucas took it and then decided to carry out a final act of violence.


‘Showing next to no remorse for what he had just done, he went on to try and intimidate two more people and burgle a property.


‘It must have been a terrifying experience for at least one, if not more, of his victims, and I hope they feel safer knowing he is off the streets.