The judge said he had inflicted a “reign of terror” and that the harm he had caused to the victims and their families was immeasurable.

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A man who carried out a spate of knife attacks in Edmonton last spring – including one which left a woman permanently paralysed – has been sentenced.

At the Old Bailey on Friday, 25 September, Jason Kakaire, 31, of Cameron Close, N18, was sentenced to a hospital order with restrictions after previously pleading guilty to five counts of Section 18 grievous bodily harm and five counts of possession of an offensive weapon.

Over four days in March and April 2019, Kakaire approached five complete strangers and stabbed them in the back. All were seriously injured, with one victim being left paralysed.

On sentencing, the judge said he had inflicted a “reign of terror” and that the harm he had caused to the victims and their families was immeasurable.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Soole, who led the investigation, said: “These five random attacks were completely unprovoked and caused significant harm to each and every victim.

“The force used was brutal and it is only by sheer luck that all five victims survived.

“These stabbings have had a huge impact on their lives, both physically and mentally, and understandably left a community in fear for a number of days.

“Kakaire took a significant amount of time to admit these offences and has never offered any real explanation for why he acted in this way. I have no doubt he is a dangerous offender and my investigation team and I are pleased he is no longer on our streets.”

Kakaire’s first attack took place on Aberdeen Road, N18 on Saturday, 30 March 2019. At around 19:00hrs, he walked past the victim, a woman in her 40s, before running back towards her and stabbing her in the back.

She was assaulted with such force that the handle of the knife snapped off during the attack and had to be surgically removed. She remained in hospital for several months and has been left wheelchair-bound.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, she said: “The physical and mental injuries have totally changed my life and will do so for evermore. It is not only the impact on me, but that of my family.

“The knife attack has left me paralysed with the inability to walk. I will never walk again. It has left me with trembling in my hands and arms and I am in constant pain.

“As a result of the stabbing I also suffer with tremendous psychological issues. When I go out I panic, I suffer with panic attacks. I always want someone I know behind me so that I know I am safe.

“My husband has heard me many times to shout out “He’s coming, I am scared”. All the time I feel that it could happen again, that I could be out in the street and that the same person who did this to me will attack me again. I cannot get these thoughts out of my head. They dictate my life.”

Following his initial attack, Kakaire spent the next few hours walking the streets and shopping in Tesco on Fore Street before returning to his flat.

At around 23:50hrs on the same evening, the second victim, a man in his 50s, left Pymmes Park in Edmonton and walked into Park Avenue.

He was pursued by Kakaire who stabbed him once in the lower back before running away from the scene. The victim approached a nearby house where the occupants called the emergency services. He was taken to hospital and found to have suffered a vertebrae fracture.

Around three hours later, at around 03:15hrs on Sunday, 31 March, Kakaire again made his way to Fore Street where he approached a man in his 20s and stabbed him.

The victim managed to make his way to Seven Sisters station to seek help and was taken to hospital. He was found to have suffered significant internal bleeding.

At around 09:45hrs, the fourth victim – a man in his 20s – noticed he was being followed by a man as he walked down Lansfield Avenue.

He quickened his pace but Kakaire continued to trace him and stabbed him in the back.

Members of the public, including an off-duty GP, provided medical assistance until paramedics arrived and took the victim to hospital. The knife had penetrated his lungs and caused damage to his diaphragm and liver.

Despite extensive enquiries to identify and locate the suspect, Kakaire remained at large and on Tuesday, 2 April carried out his fifth attack.

The victim, a man in his 30s, left his home at around 05:00hrs to buy some medication for his child and he was followed into Fairfield Road.

He was stabbed from behind, causing a collapsed lung and further organ damage.

Kakaire fled the scene and made his way home. At around 10:10hrs, he was spotted by officers who recognised him from the description circulated as he made his way past Edmonton Green.

On his arrest, his clothing was found to be covered in blood which was later found to match that of the fourth victim.

Officers later found that an orange knife removed from the first victim’s body was one sold as part of a set including two other knives. The other two were later found at Kakaire’s home address, while the orange one was missing. He was charged and remanded in custody.

Three further victims provided their impact statements to the court – all said they were now afraid to go outside alone at night following the assaults.

Victim three, a man in his 20s, said: “I am scared to meet with people ever since this attack. I do not go out of my house much, as I am fearful that I will suffer another similar attack. I have a big problem with sleeping. I do not sleep for more than 30 or 40 minutes. I have nightmares.

“I forget quite a lot of things. My memory has been affected very badly after the assault. I have become someone who is scared of his own shadow when I go out.”