Tired of constantly being knocked down and they are more than a little angry

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For months The animal house rescue have been working hard on on an exercise field cleaning up, cutting back and getting things ready for the building of a sensory garden and an extension on the emergency overnight dog kennel and feral cattery. On top of this trying to sort getting a caravan onto the field for someone to stay in when they have animals on there.

Those involved have scrimped, saved and begged for items to complete the work.
They have suffered a huge knock back a few months ago when original caravan was stripped and left as a shell.
The public has shown huge support  for that, which was amazing and sourced another caravan which was put into storage for safety until those  could complete the other work.
Cruel scam bags broke into stable, cutting off the lock, and stealing all of the metal storage bins which have had to replaced

Since the two thefts the charity has bought and had installed a pair of 10 foot high gates to stop people getting in the field, to protect the things that they have managed to get to help the animals.

The charity finally thought things were on the up to make an other discovery.  Lin took the dogs (all 10 of them) down to the field for a run and let them all out to have a play. All the dogs were heading for a section of our fencing and Lin noticed that there was no fencing there and the dogs had free access onto a very busy lane that is used as a local rat run by speeding drivers on the road. The dogs were luckily herded away from the gap in the fence and none managed to get out It could of been different and possibly lethal if they had got out.

Once the dogs were safe Lin noticed that all the metal work and dog and cat heavy duty panels had been stolen leaving them nothing and a massive hole in the peripheral fence.


They spent  £3000 to erect around the entire field.
Once again they are forced to ask for help and need a fencing contractor in aiding them  to make this side of the field secure again. The charity have very little funds coming in at the moment due to Covid 19 and us not being able to fund raise like they normally.

The project has been put on hold they can’t move the caravan onto the field until it is fully secure so  they can’t help any more ferals or take in dogs that need need emergency overnight kennelling.

It is so disheartening that they have taken one step forward w and then get knocked two steps back.
If anyone has any information about the criminal damage, trespass and theft. please either ring 101 West Mercia and quote incident number 609i290920.