Two Hampshire teachers from Wyvern College in Fair Oak, have tested positive for Covid-19

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The college has emailed parents to confirm that the Department for Education have advised “no further action is required” to be taken by the College.
In an email to parents, Headteacher Ben Rule has reassured parents that no further risk is posed by the teachers to students, and has confirmed the teachers in question are isolating and those who have been in close contact have been advised in accordance with the Track and Trace system.
Mr Rule said:
” Today we have received confirmation that a member of staff in Maths has tested positive for covid-19, They began to exhibit symptoms on Friday 2nd October but had already been self-isolating since Monday 28th September due to family illness.
We have been working very closely with them and the Department for Education’s public health team to identify anyone who has had direct close contact with them. The Department for Education has advised us that ‘no further action is required’.
This is because no student or member of staff was in close contact with them on the 48 hours preceding the first signs of symptoms.
For this reason, the Department for Education believes that the risk of any transmission is very low. In fact there has been no staff in the preceding 7 days and no student contact for the preceding 9 days, due to Friday 25th September being INSET day and Thursday 24th being a day when this member of staff did not work.
We are working hard to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your children and family. We urge students to continue to practice social distancing, good hand and respiratory hygiene and the use of face coverings. It is an opportune moment to remind everyone that the symptoms of covid are typically a high temperature, a dry persistent cough and a loss of taste/smell.
Should your child exhibit these symptoms, they should remain home and have a test.
Additionally, on Friday evening we received confirmation that a member of the Activate gym has tested positive for Covid-19. Since then, we have been working with Track and Trace to identify anyone who has had direct close contact with her/him or who used the gym in the same session. All these people have now been notified.
Public health England has advised that ‘no further action is required’ because;
1 – The user’s close contacts have been identified (there were no close contacts in the college site)..
2 -Our enhanced cleaning measures involving hand & respiratory hygiene and social distancing and maximum capacity are appropriate.
4 – Gym members use the facilities at different times from the college students.
Wyvern fully complies with the government guidance on the reopening of gyms.