A woman who was jailed after she murdered her baby son is on Facebook and has gone on to have more children

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In 2013, Jacqueline Parker, alongside her boyfriend Adam Kightley (then living in Northampton) were originally on trial for child murder.
Seven-week-old Jamie Kightley suffered severe brain injuries and more than 40 fractures and bruises to his tiny body. He died soon after he was admitted to hospital
During his short life, Jamie had been subjected to violence on at least two and probably three occasions.
A murder charge against the couple was reduced during the trial.
The prosecution said Jamie had been assaulted about two weeks before he died and again hours before his death, but that both parents had “hidden behind a wall of silence” regarding who was responsible.
Medical evidence showed Jamie suffered injuries consistent with being grabbed around the middle and shaken, the jury heard.
Baby Jamie had been shaken with sufficient violence to cause him to suffer bleeding to the eyes and brain damage leading to his death as a result of respiratory and cardiac arrest.
The couple had deceived the police in interviews by appearing to want to help them
A post-mortem examination found extensive bruising to Jamie’s head and bleeding within the protective layers around the brain.
The examination found a mixture of new and old bleeding, while examinations of the baby’s rib cage also found fresh fractures alongside older fractures.
Jacqueline Parker and Adam Kightley were both sentenced to seven years. However, both were released early.