Cuthbert, from East Belfast, is considered one of the most dangerous and prolific sex offenders in Northern Ireland

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A notorious paedophile will finally be sentenced this week for a catalogue of child sex offences he pleaded guilty to over a year ago.
Gavin Cuthbert, who is already serving an 11-year sentence for abusing children, is due back in the dock of Belfast Crown Court on Wednesday.
The pervert is facing an additional lengthy term in prison for sexually assaulting three other kids over a 30-year period between 1988 and 2018.
The 50-year-old was on police bail being investigated for sex crimes when he committed some of the offences.
Cuthbert, from the Albertbridge Road area of east Belfast, is considered one of the most dangerous and prolific sex offenders in Northern Ireland.
Among his victims was the talented footballer Paul Stirling, whose decision to go public led to the monster being jailed and dozens of others coming forward.
The three latest children who Cuthbert has admitted abusing were targeted on carefully arranged trips to hotels in Newcastle, Co Down, and a caravan park in Millisle.
The predator befriended one of the victims with sweets from his ‘tuck shop’ on the top floor of his former home off the Albertbridge Road.
Gavin Cuthbert’s brother, the former football coach Mark Cuthbert, is serving an eight-year sentence for abusing several children, including Paul Stirling.
A third sibling, William ‘Billy’ Cuthbert (61), was freed from prison in 2018 having completed a four-year sentence for gross indecency with a female child.
All three are known as the ‘beasts from the east’, in reference to the area of Belfast where they targeted victims.
Cops say their crimes are among the most appalling they have investigated