Police in Worthing have taken a proactive approach to tackling County Lines, resulting in 32 arrests

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Officers launched Operation Dunsfold in August 2019 to target the supply of cocaine in the Worthing area. In particular, police were interested in disrupting those who used vehicles to supply the class A drug.

Officers and staff from the Prevention Enforcement Team, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Response, Investigation and Community Investigation Teams undertook a number of warrants, both covert and overt patrols and acted upon intelligence in the local area.

Since the launch of the operation a total of 32 arrests were made, 23 vehicles seized, £13,000 recovered and between £13,000 and £15,000 worth of drugs taken off the streets.

Of the 32 arrests:

  • A 27-year-old man was given a six year prison sentence
  • A 28-year-old man from Worthing will appear at court next month to face two charges
  • Seven were passed into the care of the Home Office
  • Eight were given a caution
  • Seven were released without further charge for drug offences
  • One was dealt with by the means of a fine
  • One was charged for driving offences
  • Six remain released under investigation while enquiries are ongoing

‘County Lines’ is a term used by Police and partner agencies to refer to drug networks, both gangs and organised crime groups, from large urban areas such as London, who use children and young people and vulnerable adults to carry out illegal activity on their behalf. Gangs dealing drugs is not a new issue but the extent to which criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults, as well as the increasing use of violence, has become an inherent part of it through ‘County Lines’ makes it especially damaging.

PC Chris Corker of the Prevent Enforcement Team, who launched the operation, said: “Drugs can have a huge impact on the community and we are committed to disrupting the dealers who try to deal dangerous drugs in Worthing.

“We investigate and prosecute those who would bring harm to local people and our proactive work over the last year has seen a notable reduction in those using vehicles to supply drugs to the area.

“We will continue to proactively tackle this behaviour and send out the message that those dealing drugs in Worthing are not welcome.”

You can report concerns around drug issues either online or by calling 101.