Student at Bay CE Secondary school tests positive for Covid-19

student at bay ce secondary school tests positive for covid 19

The Bay CE Secondary school in Sandown on the Isle of Wight  alerted parents that a Year 8 cohort student tested positive for coronavirus this week.

In a communication sent out to parents,  by the headteacher Teresa Westcott-Hayes said that all students in the Year 8 bubble must self-isolate this week however all other year groups need to attend school as usual if they show no symptoms.

A spokesperson from Bay CE Secondary school said today: “I can confirm that following government guidelines, and having worked closely with Isle of Wight Council and Public Health England  we have asked a number of pupils from our school to self-isolate before returning to school. This is a scenario we have prepared for and unfortunate as it is, we always put the safety of our pupils and whole school community first.


“We cannot give any further details as all data is confidential, but we hope all of our students remain safe we will continue to work with Public Health England. 

“We will be in contact with all of the effected pupils parent to advise further”

The school will remain open for all other students in Years 7, 9, 10 and 11.