Two men have been convicted for obstructing a highway in Denham, Buckinghamshire

Iain Edward Oliver, aged 40, of Harvil Road in Uxbridge, and James Ruggles, aged 23, of Bartram Avenue, Braintree, Essex, were both convicted at High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (13/10).

Both men had been charged with wilful obstruction of a highway and both Oliver and Ruggles were found guilty.

Ruggles failed to attend the court hearing, but was found guilty despite his absence.

Both Oliver and Ruggles were fined £200 each, and must pay court costs of £300 each.

The charges relate to an incident on 11 February this year, during an anti-HS2 protest which took place in Denham Court Drive.

Oliver and Ruggles prevented work from taking place by deliberately walking in the road and causing an obstruction. They refused to move from the road, and caused a delay of one hour and 47 minutes over a distance of 750m. Oliver and Ruggles were both arrested for wilful obstruction of the highway shortly after.

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “These two men are the first people to be convicted in connection with an anti-HS2 protest in the country.

Thames Valley Police will continue to facilitate the rights of the public to protest and demonstrate peacefully, alongside the rights of HS2 to conduct their lawful business.

“We hope that these convictions and the fines handed to Oliver and Ruggles will act as a message that whilst we will facilitate peaceful protest, we will take action where necessary and bring people to court.”