A woman has been handed a life sentence for murdering a vulnerable man in Derby earlier this year

a woman has been handed a life sentence for murdering a vulnerable man in derby earlier this year
Magdalena Kissova was sentenced at Derby Crown Court today, where Her Honour Judge Nirmal Shant QC told her she will serve at least 24 years before she can be considered for parole.
David Allsopp, who was 67, was found dead at his flat in Manchester Street on the afternoon of 15 February. He had sustained multiple injuries caused by being kicked, punched and stamped on which proved to be fatal.
Kissova was arrested the following day and subsequently charged with murdering Mr Allsopp, which she initially denied in June, before later admitting at court in August.
The 47-year-old of Manchester Street was told by Her Honour Judge Nirmal Shant QC, sentencing: “Mr Allsopp’s death has deprived his twin sister of the very special and unique bond that she shared with him.
“No sentence I pass today will ease the pain she is feeling, and will continue to feel, because of what you did to her brother.”
Detective Inspector Steve Shaw, who led the investigation into Mr Allsopp’s murder said: “Kissova’s actions were calculated and cruel.
“She gained the trust of Mr Allsopp who was an extremely vulnerable dementia sufferer and became his self-appointed ‘carer’, during which time she exploited him rather than taking care of him.
“She then went on to murder him and fled to Manchester.
“Today’s sentence cannot undo the suffering that Mr Allsopp endured at Kissova’s hand and nor can it heal his family’s loss, but we hope that it brings some comfort to them in knowing that Kissova is off the streets and unable to do the same to another vulnerable person.”