Arson probe launched after Droxford hotel is torched

arson probe launched after droxford hotel is torched
Fire crews were scrambled to  at 4.51am this morning to a derelict building on fire in Garrison Hill, Droxford.
Firefighter arrived to the former Upland Park Hotel site well alight and were faced with an inferno that caused a part of the building to collapse.
Crews were concerned as the building was previously known to have been used by squatters, but the fire service say they do not believe anyone was inside at the time of the blaze.
Hampshire Fire and Rescue said crews from Droxford, Wickham, Bishops Waltham, Fareham, Botley Portchester, and additional auxiliary vehicles are in attendance.
Six hour later a furher statement was issued The spokesman for the service  said “incident scaling down but still awaiting a stop message. Beware that in the area of Garrison Hill, Droxford there will be steaming and smoking for the rest of the day.”
Crews were called to the site previously on the 12th June 2018 where part of the abandoned Upland Park Hotel was on fire.