A pub in Harlow has had its licence suspended following concerns about its links to alleged drug activity

The White Horse in Old Road was one of 18 addresses in Harlow that were raided on Thursday 8 October.

The operation resulted in 19 arrests. Seven people have so far been charged with drugs-related offences.

Essex Police’s licensing team applied to Harlow Council for a summary review of the pub’s premises licence, which was considered by the council’s licensing sub-committee on Tuesday 13 October.

Members suspended The White Horse’s licence with immediate effect until a full review hearing takes place.

They also determined that the designated premises supervisor be removed from the premises with immediate effect.

The licence will remain suspended until a full hearing takes place, which is due to be held before 9 November.

Members will then decide if the licence will be permanently revoked and whether a suspension needs to remain in place until any appeal against their decision is made.

Essex Police licensing officer Ronan McManus said: “The police investigation demonstrates a link between the pub and potential criminal activity and for these reasons, working with our partners, we took immediate action to call for a review of its licence to sell alcohol.”

Councillor Shannon Jezzard, chair of Harlow Council’s licensing committee, said: “Following last week’s events the police made an application to us on Monday afternoon for a summary review of the pub’s licence.

“Due to the seriousness of the investigation, a licensing sub-committee had to meet within 48 hours to consider whether any immediate steps were required.
“The sub-committee, chaired by Councillor Nick Churchill, agreed to take immediate steps to remove the designated premises supervisor and suspend the premises licence with a full hearing to be held within 28 days.”