A Gillingham woman has been jailed for one year for harassing her former partner

maidstone crown court



Juntai Mosdell of Lobelia Close, Gillingham, was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on 16 October 2020 after admitting to two counts of breaching a restraining order.


In 2018 the 48-year-old was jailed for four months and three weeks after she was found guilty of stalking with fear of violence and harassment and upon her release was handed a restraining order.


The order prevented her from contacting her former partner by any means.


However, between 7 March and 11 June 2020, Mosdell sent 56 text messages to the victim, as well as messages via social media.


Within the messages Mosdell made threats to him and his family. She also made numerous comments on social media.


Mosdell was arrested on 15 June and charged the same day.


As well as being jailed Mosdell was handed a further restraining order which superseded the previous order.


This new order lasts indefinitely and prevents her from going within 250m of the victim’s address, or any place he is residing.


She was also ordered not to contact the victim directly, or anyone associated with him, by any means.


Investigating officer PC Claire Peirson said: ‘Harassment is a serious offence which should not be taken lightly.


‘This kind of behaviour negatively affects a person’s day to day quality of life and puts the victim under constant stress and fear. We will always put together the strongest case to achieve the best result for the person being targeted.’