Further tribute released to Powell family following fatal road traffic collision in Oxford

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“One of the worst nightmares for a parent is to bury their child, and grandparents do not expect to have to bury their grandchildren. We have to do both. 

“Josh and Zoe met while they were at school, marrying in the September after they left schoolThey moved to York while Josh did a year in industry, after which they both attended Sheffield University where Zoe studied English and Josh Civil Engineering. 

“Phoebe and Simeon were both born while Josh and Zoe were at university, and it is a demonstration of their ability that they both achieved high grade degrees with two young children.

“After leaving Sheffield University, they moved to Chinnor for Josh’s work. Zoe was a homemaker, who brought her artistic talents to the home and children. As a retired midwife, Sue loved helping Zoe to write the Mamma book.

“Josh and Zoe had two more children, Amelia and Penny.

“Our grandchildren were full of life; independently minded and adventurous. Phoebe had a love of flamingos requesting frequent visits to the WWT at Slimbridge and wanting flamingos on her clothes. We will treasure her artwork of flamingos.

“Simeon had a sense of humour. When asked to do something, he would give a cheeky grin and do the opposite.

“He was also very caring ensuring his sisters had an equal share of things. He loved cars and mechanics.  A typical boy! We treasure the cards he made and sent to us.

“Amelia was a cutie and had a smile to melt our hearts. She loved to dance and sing. She often encouraged the others to put on a “show”.

“She was such an outgoing girl who loved animals, including our dog. We treasure all the memories of her.

“We are thankful that we have spent so much time with them and have so many photographs of them all.

They spent their last weekend with us, travelling home when the accident happened.  The memories of that weekend bring us so much peace.

They all knew their great grandparents who loved them all dearly and we are so grateful they passed away recently, as this shock would have been unbearable for them

“We enjoyed joint holidays in our touring caravans with the grandchildren frequently opting to sleep in our van.

“Grandparents’ rules are less strict. They always wanted to play board games with us and have great times.

Christmas was always a fun time with them all around and a long tradition of “Nana” Sue providing Christmas pyjamas continued.

“We have included a treasured picture of Zoe and all the children in their Christmas pyjamas last year.

There were lots of opportunities to do what grandparents do best, to give treats and a trip to Disney on Ice last year will be remembered for ever. We have included a picture.

They regarded “grandad” Kevin as very, very silly, and there was frequently a lot of irreverent banter between them and they frequently were all climbing on him or winding each other up!

“Nana was more reserved but still described as silly. They knew Nana was the one to go to for hugs, cuddles and games. They all loved to bake with Nana.

“Zoe, when she married our son Josh, became our daughter too, and her loss is a big shock to us. 

“We feel her loss as if she was our birth daughter.  Zoe brought us a world of artistic talent and a love of classic literature into a family that was mainly scientific and factual. Zoe brightened our lives.

“Penny is now the light of our lives. She is bringing us great joy in our sorrow.

“The challenge for all the grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, is to help Josh raise her with love, joy and Jesus in her life; to ensure her mum and siblings are as familiar to her as they are to us. Her life is extra precious for us all.

“Although Josh remains unwell, he has been able to write a moving tribute to his family. We are immensely proud of him and will support him as he moves forward in this new life.

“We appreciate all the prayers and support and are thankful that we are being left to grieve as a family.”