The charges come after Jessica Louise Fay, assaulted three police officers but she says otherwise

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Hampshire police have stated that officers have charged a women with assaulting a police officer after they were responding to reports of a disturbance at an address in Eastleigh.
The charges come after she assaulted three police officers.
Jessica Louise Fay, 27, of Newtown Road, Eastleigh was charged with three counts of assaulting an emergency worker.
She appeared at Southampton Magistrates Court on the 23 October and was remanded on bail until Wednesday 2 December 2020.
Jessica Fay states that its “Just another case of the police using their power to hurt civilians in unnecessary ways.”
An internal investigation is to be launched by the Professional Standards Department to review the conduct of officers attending and a full review of the Body camera footage into the conduct and use of control and restraint in this case whilst detaining Ms Fay.
Fay who uploaded to social media images showing bruising around her body claims that officers “kneeled on my neck for 5 minutes 6 officers and one female”.
Jessica said;
“Two sides to every story:
The polices elaborated one is definitely never the truth they were called to a domestic of a break in with a of a man beating a woman the man made off so the police beat up the woman.. bruised from head toe kneeled on my neck cracked my head open I could go for ages but believe what you like.. pictures are on my open Facebook as the police don’t like the truth to be told a kick to the shin is assault look at my whole body because they came to ‘SAVE’ me”