Fire killer mum about to be set free after only serving eight years

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Fire killer mum Mairead Philpott will be freed next month after serving just 8½ years of her 17-year jail term.

Philpott, 38 — guilty with hubby Mick over the 2012 blaze that killed their six kids — is “delighted” at being given her earliest possible release date.

The six victims were Duwayne, 13, his sister Jade, ten, and brothers, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six and Jayden, five

Taxpayers will pay thousands for her to stay in a hostel with a new identity after leaving HMP Downview, Surrey.

A source said: “Mairead is pleased as punch. She is not popular. She now calls herself Louise Dunn and the other inmates nicknamed her ‘Dunn a turn’.

“But everyone knows her as Mairead Philpott and she gets a hard time because her crime was so sickening. No wonder she is happy to be getting out.”

The Philpotts burnt down their three-bed council house in Derby, with pal Paul Mosley in a bid to get a bigger home.

But the plan backfired and killed their kids aged five to 13.


Twister child killer Mick Philpott flirted with mortuary staff and made sexual comments about their breasts as his kid’s bodies lay nearby.

Police were left appalled by his antics as he prepared to identify the bodies of five of his children,

Retired detective superintendent Paul Callum, who helped to lead investigations into the fire in Osmaston, Derby, revealed: “He chatted up the mortuary technicians.

“He made inappropriate comments about their breasts, about things he wanted to do with them sexually.