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LIVE UPDATESPlans for Armed Police to Storm Liberian flagged tanker under lockdown off the Isle of Wight

plans for armed police to storm liberian flagged tanker under lockdown off the isle of wight

A Liberian-flagged oil tanker has been forced to anchor off the Isle of Wight amid  terrorists are trying to seize control of the ship. 

The 228-metre Nave Andromeda, set sail from Nigeria earlier this month, is currently  under anchored to the East of the Isle of Wight  near Ventnor.

The crew have taken secure refuge following the discovery of a number of stowaways on board, who are attempting to hijack the tanker.


SBS ‘retake seized oil tanker’: Special forces ‘storm 42,000-ton vessel off the Isle of Wight’ and detain seven ‘Nigerian stowaways who threatened to kill crew’ forcing captain to issue desperate mayday alert


A Military Helicopter using the cover of darkness flying without lights and it’s AIS tracking switched off is understood to have landed on the deck of the vessel


Military assistance has now been requested to deal with the incident, and the lights on the ship, which had previously been illuminated, can no longer be seen


One Police source has revealed that a plan is being pout into action to board the vessel under the cover of darkness  after the captain pleaded for assistance  during a Mayday message that was made to the UK Coastguard at around 10am on  Sunday morning


Armed Police officers from Hampshire Constabulary have been seen forming up down at Portsmouth Harbour this afternoon


Two  lifeboats and  Police launches are  currently located  Sandown Bay, with  two helicopters circling



RAF Chinook ZK562  has been tracked to at the Royal Marine base in Poole where the Special Boat Service are based.


Bembridge RNLI Lifeboat has launched and is standing by



The Metropolitan Police have a helicopter circling overhead and the National Police Air Service Helicopter from Bournemouth is also now present

Two Coastguard helicopters from Lydd and Lee on the Solent have also been scrambled  to the on going incident that has been declared a Major incident



A Police source has revealed that there are 6 or 7 stowaways on board the vessel. They became violent towards the crew, who have been left fearing for their lives.


A 3-mile exclusion zone has been put in place around the vessel, which can be clearly seen from high points in Shanklin and Ventnor.

Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter from Lee-on-Solent has been circling the area as the situation unfolds.

A source has revealed that an operation involving  the Armed Forces, including the Royal Navy and the Special Boat Service (SBS) is also underway

Hampshire Constabulary have positioned an officer on observation duty at the top of Cowleaze, monitoring the vessel from afar.

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