A dangerous driver crashed into a woman as she went to collect her late father’s belongings from his retirement home

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Sigits Ceburs was trying to evade police when he crashed into 64-year-old Patricia Mellors, who was flung into the air and suffered serious head injuries, a broken pelvis, ankle ligament damage and a number of cuts and bruises.
The incident happened in the car park of Red Oaks Care Home, Clipstone Road West, where Ms Mellors was visiting to clear her father’s room after he died that morning.
“I could have been dead. They could have been doing my father’s and my funeral at the same time,” said Ms Mellors.
“”My father had passed away that morning and I went to clear dad’s room. I packed the car up and the next thing I heard police sirens and saw blue lights at the entrance and I turned around and this car was coming straight at me.
“”The car hit me and threw me up in the air and he just drove off. He didn’t stop.
“The witnesses there were in shock. There were so many there who thought I was dead. I’m lucky I did move to the side a bit because otherwise, I think he would have gone over me.”
The grandmother-of-three, of Forest Town, was taken to King’s Mill Hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield for treatment. She has since made a full recovery.
Following the collision, Ceburs, 38, crashed the silver Renault Espace into a fence in the driveway of the care home and ran off. Officers chased him on foot and caught him a short distance away.
Officers had been pursuing Ceburs after spotting the vehicle being driven with false registration plates on Friday 12 July 2019.
Ceburs, of Recreation Street, Mansfield, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, fraudulent use of a registration mark and driving without insurance or a licence, at a previous hearing at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced to eight months in prison when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court On Wednesday (28 October).
He was also banned from driving for 16 months.
Detective Constable Tim Baker, of Nottinghamshire Police, who led the investigation, said: “We are pleased Ms Mellors has made a full recovery. It was a horrific day for her, having just lost her father and then being involved in this serious collision and I’m glad Ceburs has now been brought to justice.
This is yet another example of how Nottinghamshire Police officers are actively patrolling each and every day as part of their ongoing efforts to make the county’s roads safer for everyone.
This case also shows how we will be there for the victims like Ms Mellors who sustained particularly nasty injuries due to the driver’s reckless actions – and that we will make every effort to bring those responsible for these offences to justice.”