Second lockdown Panic Buy leaving families without

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As tougher restrictions are brought in across the UK with the Second National Lockdown only days away in response to the increased R level of Coronavirus cases, shoppers across the country are hitting the supermarkets once more in a panic for items in fear of a second lockdown.
PM Boris Johnson has announced a full National Lockdown due to start on the 5th November until the 2nd of December.
Families the Elderly and Vulnerable people are once again struggling to get everyday household and food items such as toilet rolls, pasta, paracetamol and baby foods as the aisles go crazy.
Some supermarkets and stores have already implemented plans to limit the number of items purchased per customer, but the volume of buyers are still meaning stocks are going quickly despite stores reassuring shoppers the suppliers will not run out.
The NHS’ Covid-19 app is available to download, with thousands already signed up to the new system.
A mum of two told us, “I’ve come to do our weekly shop to find people are emptying the shelves again leaving us the family’s with children having to hunt around other shops for anything left, It’s just selfish”.
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