We know some people think, ‘it’s just a bit of cannabis’, but any production of drugs is linked to hidden harm

Officers from Hampshire Police located and dismantled a cannabis factory in the Bridgemary area of Gosport.
Two males from Gosport, aged 37 and 38, were arrested on suspicion of producing a Class B drug, and have since been released under investigation.
This, combined with our other recent factory closures in the borough, should serve as a reminder and warning to anyone who is involved in drugs in Gosport. Police will find you and your drugs and we will deal with both accordingly.
As always, we couldn’t achieve the results we do without the support of our colleagues from other departments, including Response & Patrol, Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Investigation Department
Posting on social media about the find officers said: From previous cannabis factory posts we’ve shared, we know some people think, ‘it’s just a bit of cannabis’, but we want to stress that any production of drugs is linked to hidden harm.
Large scale operations like this are often run by organised crime gangs. Those gangs are likely to engage in very serious violence involving weapons, such as firearms.
They may also take advantage of vulnerable people, exploiting them or making them work in servitude.
The electrical requirement to grow this many plants is also really dangerous and can be a huge fire risk, putting neighbouring properties and lives in danger.
It is not ‘just a bit of cannabis’. It’s linked to serious criminality.
That’s why we are really keen to hear from people who suspect there is cannabis cultivation or drug-related activity going on in their neighbourhood.
Every call you make to us is logged and helps us build up an intelligence picture about what might be happening in your community. This allows us to take action and prevent your neighbourhoods from harm.