Former nurse sentenced for neglecting elderly care home resident

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A court has sentenced a former nurse who wilfully neglected an elderly resident in her care.
Catalina Ferchiu, 54, of Pool Close, Rugby was found guilty of wilful neglect at Warwick Crown Court last month.
Ferchiu, who was a nurse at a care home in Rugby, was responsible for the care of 87-year-old Rachael Smith (pictured below) on the morning of 2 February 2018. She checked up on her in the early hours of the morning and found she had been sick and had a bruise on her shoulder.
Ferchiu failed to seek further medical attention or adequately check up on her for the rest of the night.
Mrs Smith was taken to hospital where she died three weeks later. The court heard there was no evidence to suggest the neglect shown by Ferchiu contributed to her death.
Ferchiu was given a 20-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months. She was also ordered to take 15 days of rehabilitation requirement and do 240 hours of unpaid work.
Police Staff Investigator Marcella Forrest said: “Ferchiu displayed an abject failure to provide basic care for Mrs Smith.
“Nobody deserves to be treated this way, especially someone as vulnerable as Mrs Smith.”
In a statement, Mrs Smith’s family said: “As a family we are pleased with the outcome of the trial and verdict. After an emotional two-and-a-half years following the passing of our dear mother, Rachael Smith (nee White), we are relieved to have finally received justice. We would like this verdict to send a clear message to the care industry that wilful neglect against the elderly and vulnerable within our society cannot and should not be tolerated.
“During the night of the 2nd February 2018, it is our view that our mother sadly would have suffered a considerable amount of pain – she was a defenceless elderly lady who unfortunately didn’t have the ability to talk and ask for help. Our mother was left to deteriorate for several hours with a clear injury, by the senior nurse unit manager who should have been caring for her that night and failed her and her profession with her neglect and ill-treatment.
“We would like to pass on our immense gratitude to everyone involved in caring for our mother following events at the care home. Our thanks to the Ambulance services, the staff at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, St Cross Hospital, Rugby Adult Safeguarding Team and the Care and Quality Commission (CQC).
“We thank Warwickshire Police and our counsel for their professional investigation and prosecution. As a family, we can’t thank them enough for their hard work in the conviction of Ms Catalina Ferchiu and obtaining the verdict our mother so rightly deserved.
“Our mother’s unexpected death will now be subject to a Coroner’s Inquest.”