Former nurse sentenced for neglecting elderly care home resident

A court has sentenced a former nurse who wilfully neglected an elderly resident in her care.
Catalina Ferchiu, 54, of Pool Close, Rugby was found guilty of wilful neglect at Warwick Crown Court last month.
Ferchiu, who was a nurse at a care home in Rugby, was responsible for the care of 87-year-old Rachael Smith (pictured below) on the morning of 2 February 2018. She checked up on her in the early hours of the morning and found she had been sick and had a bruise on her shoulder.
Ferchiu failed to seek further medical attention or adequately check up on her for the rest of the night.
Mrs Smith was taken to hospital where she died three weeks later. The court heard there was no evidence to suggest the neglect shown by Ferchiu contributed to her death.
Ferchiu was given a 20-month prison sentence susp