Woman foils would be Trio of distraction burglars in Havant

woman foils would be trio of distraction burglars in havant

At around 4.50pm on Friday, April 8 two men and a woman called at an address on Stockheath Way, Havant.

The resident told officers that she had seen information about distraction burglaries on social media so she followed the advice and opened the door with the chain on.

The woman told the resident that there was a problem with the back door of the property. She tried to get her to go to the back door. She was also asked if she lived alone.

The resident became suspicious and she told them to away. The three people left empty handed, heading towards Petersfield Road.

The victim was able to provide a description of the woman; she is described as olive skinned or Asian in appearance, under 30 years old and wearing a woolly hat. She spoke with a foreign accent.

PCSO Alex McDonald, said: “These people appear to have been trying to distract the resident by encouraging her to take one of the offenders to the back door. This would then have left the front door insecure. There was nothing wrong with her back door.

“She did exactly the right thing under the circumstances and should be praised for her actions. She knew she didn’t recognise the people calling at the door, so she kept the chain on when she opened the door to them. She was suspicious of what they were saying, so she told them to go away, and then she called the police.

“If you witness any suspicious activity or receive callers at your door in suspicious circumstances, turn them away and call 999.”

As always, we urge residents to pay attention to the following advice:

• Always use the door chain when answering the door, if you are not sure do not open the door.
• Always check the credentials of unknown callers. Do not phone the number on the ID card, use a phone book or a bill.
• Never employ cold-calling doorstep traders or engage with cold callers on the phone.
• Do not keep substantial sums of money in the home.
• Always keep front and back doors locked.
• LOCK STOP CHAIN and CHECK – if unsure do not open the door.
• Consider joining or setting up a No Cold Calling Zone or Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
• Report any suspicious callers or activity to the police immediately.
• Keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends and family.